Partnership agreement for the development of the unified portal for the management of user's complaints

A simplified, transparent and secure electronic procedure for the collection and processing of citizens' complaints.

A partnership agreement for the development of a unified portal for the management of users' complaints was signed on thursday 13 september 2017 in Rabat by Mr Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, Trade and the Digital Economy and Mohammed Benabdelkader, Deputy Minister to the Head of Government, in charge of Public Administration and Civil Service Reform.

This Convention is part of the implementation of the High Directives of his Majesty the King Mohamed VI, may God assist Him, contained in the opening speech for the first session of the first legislative year of the tenth legislature (October 14, 2016), calling for generalising electronic administration and improving the quality of the services the administration provides to citizens “As they have the right to receive answers to their request and solutions to the problems they raise”.

The purpose of the agreement is to implement a single multi-channel window where users could file and follow-up their claims and where public administration can process them as well. The agreement also gives substance to decree 2-17-265 laying down the modalities for reception of users’ remarks and propositions, follow up and processing of complaints.

The implementation of the portal for the management of users' complaints is built on the shared e-complaint application developed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and the Digital Economy. E-reclamation is now operational in 29 ministries and public administrations.

Thanks to this practical and easy to use new platform, citizens can now file their complaints, which will be sent to the concerned administration for processing, and follow up at any moment the progress of their claim.

“Through this new platform, the administration will be closer to citizens and even more attentive to their complaints and enquiries”, declared Mr. Elalamy, adding that “the launch of the unified portal for the management of users' complaints is amongst the important projects in the e-government programme by which we aim at radically and deeply transforming administrative services and thus simplifying the life of citizens and improving business climate”.

On his part, M. Mohammed Benabdelkader said that the signing of this convention shows the will of the Government to consolidate the convergence of departmental projects, ensure their continuity and create a shared dynamic, and thus ensure the success of the Government's program. He insisted on the benefits of the implementation of this portal for the simplification and unification of the complaints procedure, with the aim of improving the quality of services to users and meeting the needs and expectations of the citizens.

It is worth noting that this harmonized and integrated portal provides a communication and sharing space between citizens and public administration. It also helps promote the principles of transparency and good governance.