Digitalization of Trade

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has drawn up a plan to revive trade through the modernization and structuring of this sector while ensuring the creation of jobs.

Digitalization is one of the fundamental axes of this plan as a tool and vector for structuring transformation of the trade sector, particularly with the rise of e-commerce and new consumption patterns.

The Retail Tech ecosystem is constantly evolving, with the emergence of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and blockchain.

Also, the Ministry, in partnership with the locomotives of e-commerce in Morocco (Jumia, Glovo, Avito) and the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services supports the digitalization of merchants through:

•    Training merchants to acquire the necessary digital skills in partnership with CCIS.
•    The integration of merchants into e-commerce platforms to develop their activities and improve their competitiveness.
The ministry is also contributing to efforts to adopt mobile payments as part of the national financial inclusion strategy, given its importance and positive impact on the Retail Tech ecosystem:
•    MIC – FRMF – FCMCIS partnership: aimed at training merchants in the use of financial technologies in partnership with chambers of commerce, industry and services. 
•    MIC – BAM – GP2M – APEP partnership: organization of awareness sessions for the benefit of players in the retail sector on the importance and benefits of mobile payment. 

Implementation of a platform for incubating and accelerating startups in the retail sector " Moroccan Retail Tech Builder ":

Initiated in partnership between the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and the OCP Foundation, the "Moroccan Retail Tech Builder" is the first platform for incubating and accelerating digital startups in the trade sector. The objective behind this initiative is to bring out national champions, to stimulate the development of innovative and high-impact digital solutions at the service of merchants and consumers.
•    Vision: A key player in supporting startups operating in the Retail Tech sector, the "Moroccan Retail Tech Builder" aims to federate all the players in the ecosystem around the digitalization of Moroccan trade and create a stronger national impact. 

•    Mission: Support 100 innovative startups to accelerate the digitalization of the Moroccan Trade sector.

•    Objectives:
- Accelerate the digitalization of the retail sector.
- Stimulate the development of digital tools for merchants and consumers.
- Bring out national champions with high added value at the service of consumers and traders.
- Strengthen the innovation capacities of Moroccan entrepreneurs with projects in the field of trade.

•    Programs offered:



Phone: +212 707 734 668


Address: StartGate, Avenue Mohammed 6, en face de l’UM6P



Support for the digitalization of local trade:

With the aim of strengthening the competitiveness and efficiency of local trade and supporting it in the digital transformation, the Ministry has set up, in partnership with the Digital Development Agency, the CCIS of Rabat and professional associations, a project to digitize local trade.

Also and on the sidelines of the commemoration of the national day of the merchant held on June 21, 2022, the Ministry has signed two partnership agreements with two e-commerce locomotives whose objective is to support the digitalization of local trade in Morocco, through:

-    Sponsorship of local shops as "e-commerce" relay points, 
-    Contribution to the animation of training sessions in the field of marketing and digital for the benefit of merchants in collaboration with CCIS and associations;
-    Support, through attractive offers, the referencing of merchants to platforms.
-    Promotion of "Made in Morocco" products on e-commerce platforms.


Spreading the adoption of mobile payment :

As part of the financial inclusion strategy, the Ministry held several working meetings, including with Bank Al-Maghrib and the coordination of the most representative professional associations, in order to develop a strategy to promote mobile payment to merchants through communication and awareness-raising, possibly involving the Moroccan Mobile Payment Economic Interest Group (GP2M).

Also, the Ministry has launched in partnership with the Moroccan Foundation for Financial Education, CCIS and merchant associations a training program on this new payment method.