Decarbonisation of industry


« .. The industrial development we yearn for should be accompanied by efforts to accelerate carbon-neutral manufacturing, through the use of competitively-priced electricity from renewable sources, and greater energy efficiency.

Our industry must contribute to the preservation of water resources through water conservation measures and wastewater reuse, and also through the adoption of new technologies and solutions.

The Kingdom can thus become a reference in the field of responsible, sustainable, carbon-neutral production patterns, enabling us to attract foreigners looking for investment opportunities in the green economy. »

– Excerpt from the Royal Message addressed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, to the participants in the 1st edition of the "National Industry Day"

The decarbonisation of industry is the most effective tool to improve the competitiveness of national industry.  The foundations of the decarbonization process were laid through the renewable energy strategy launched in 2009, which positioned Morocco among the most competitive countries in the world in terms of energy production from renewable sources. This positioning offers Moroccan industry a considerable competitive advantage, allowing it to offer clean energy at extremely competitive costs to national and international operators.

As part of this transition to a circular economy and a green waste recovery ecosystem, new measures are being taken to accelerate the emergence of this ecosystem.

The goals to be achieved by 2030:

  1. The recovery of 65% of waste, of which nearly 55% by material recovery,
  2. The creation of 60,000 jobs, including 9,500 in waste recovery,
  3. The achievement of a turnover of 12 billion dirhams
  4. And the generation of 3.7 billion dirhams of added value in waste recovery.

The sustainable and inclusive development of Moroccan industry is considered a major challenge to access foreign markets, reduce production costs and improve the country's competitiveness. The Ministry is committed to this approach by providing industries with technical and financial resources to support their decarbonization.

"The energy transition offers our industrial operators eco-responsible sources of growth to seize in order to increase competitiveness and initiate the decarbonization of their production. It is an ideal opportunity to have clean energy at very competitive costs and promote the development of a national carbon-free industrial fabric. We fully support the emergence of new competitive green industrial sectors and industrial integration in the renewable energy sector in order to support the national energy policy, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him."

Mr Ryad MEZZOUR, Minister of Industry and Trade.

Programs and initiatives deployed by the Ministry in this perspective of the decarbonization of Industry:

- TATWIR Green Growth Program

- Signing of a Joint Declaration on the development of industrial initiatives and projects aimed at developing Morocco-UNIDO partnerships in the fields of decarbonization of industry and promotion of the circular economy to strengthen the competitiveness of Morocco's industrial platform.