Law No. 31-08 enacting consumer protection measures complements the existing legal framework for consumer protection and establishes a favourable framework for the promotion of the role of consumer protection associations.


The objectives of the Law


- Ensure clear, objective and fair information to the consumer (price, labelling, conditions of sale);

- Strengthen the protection of the consumer's economic interests (prohibition or regulation of certain commercial practices);

- Rebalance consumer-supplier relations (prohibition of unfair terms, guarantees, credit);

- Strengthen the consumer movement by allowing consumer protection associations to be recognized as being of public utility and authorized to take legal action.


Application of Law No. 31-08


In order to enforce the Act and its implementing regulations, the Ministry has a corps of qualified and sworn investigators. These investigators are located in the Ministry's 29 delegations.

They are responsible for carrying out checks to investigate and establish infringements of the provisions of Law No. 31-08 in the field of commerce and industry, particularly with regard to commercial practices.

In addition, the Ministry has a control unit for commercial websites, which is responsible for verifying the compliance of advertisements with the provisions of Law No. 31-08.




Consumer information and guidance


The Ministry has set up a portal dedicated  to the consumer  which makes it possible to disseminate information on consumer protection (regulations, events, fact sheets, etc.) and to submit requests either to request information or to report facts likely to fall within the scope of the provisions of Law No. 31-08 (complaints).


From 1 January to 5 September 2022, the consumer portal "" recorded more than 79,000 visits and handled more than 1355 complaints.