To request access to the information available under law 31-13 and to follow up your request, please visit the national portal for the right of access to information.

1.    Presentation of law 31.13 on the right of access to information

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, in particular article 27, law 31.13 relating to the right of access to information establishes the scope of application to the right of access to information held by public administrations, elected institutions, and organizations entrusted with public service missions, as well as the conditions and procedures for exercising this right.



2.    What is the right of access to information?

The right of access to information allows all Moroccan citizens and foreigners legally residing in Morocco to access information held by the organizations concerned.
The information must be published proactively, using all possible means of publication, in particular on national public data portals or the websites of administrations or institutions. If you do not find the information you are looking for there, you can then send a request for access to the information to the administration or institution that holds it.

3.    How to submit your request for information?

You can submit your request for access to information through:

             1. Direct deposit in exchange for a receipt,
             2. Sending by postal mail,
             3. Sending by email with acknowledgment of receipt,
             4. Via the portal dedicated to requests for access to information (


      4.    How to make a request for access to information?


The request must be made using the information access request form. The request must contain the following information:

            1.    Applicant's first and last name
            2.    Postal address
            3.    National Identity Card (CNI)* number
            4.    E-mail address if information will be sent by e-mail
            5.    Description of information requested

*Foreigners residing in Morocco must mention the number of the document certifying that they are legally resident in the country.